Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Pepper!

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I'm very happy to report that Armored Records will be releasing the Pepper Adams CD that some of you so kindly contributed to some two years ago. Again, thanks for your generosity and your continued patience while mastering was concluded and a label was finally procured. I haven't been given a release date, but I think it's likely it will be out by this Christmas. Once I receive the stack of CDs, I'll let everyone know so I can reconfirm shipping addresses before mailing them out to all those who contributed at that price level and above.

This will be added to the date's liner notes:

We gratefully acknowledge those who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign that helped make this recording possible. Special thanks go to Ben Sidran, Richard Davis, Ed Xiques, Ellen Rowe, Dan Morgenstern,  Kurt Eherenman, Nils Erik Hagstrom, Colin Mills, Gilberto Munoz, Andrew Layton, Pat Collins, Joe Lex, Peter Jason Riley, Andrew Homzy, Steven Cerra, Ken Kellett, Claire Daly, Flavius Cucu, Jon Gudmundson, Jonathan Nathan, Frank and Carol Bubel, Joie Gifford, Larry Miller and Ernie Jackson. Very special thanks go to Nat and Cindy Charatan, who functioned as Executive Producer.

The following tunes will be on the new recording:

University of Illinois (all Tony Faulkner charts)
Claudette's Way
Doctor Deep
Mary's Blues
Lovers of Their Time
Etude Diabolique

Also, in a few weeks we'll have another 16 videos of Pepper tunes uploaded to YouTube from four concerts that Tony Faulkner videotaped (at the Blue Wisp, in Montreal, at the Puffin Foundation in Teaneck NJ, and at Trumpets in Montclair NJ) as follows:

Puffin (all Faulkner tentet charts):
Ad Astra
Valse Celtique
In Love with Night
Freddie Froo

Montreal (Faulkner tentet charts):
Urban Dreams
Ad Astra
Freddie Froo
Diabolique II (chart by Bill Mahar)

Trumpets (Faulkner charts for big band):
Freddie Froo
Park Frederick III

Blue Wisp (big band, charts by Larry Dickson)
Bossa Nouveau
Twelfth and Pingree 

Aside from these, Glenn Wilson's new CD release has two Pepper tunes.

Apart from all the good news, this past September 10 marked the 29th anniversary of Pepper's death. It's always a solemn day for me, commemorated by burning a candle in his honor.

                             (Chip McNeill)

                                                     (Glenn Wilson)

                                      (Glenn Wilson's new release)