Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Complete Works of Pepper Adams

© Gary Carner. Copyright Protected. All rights reserved.

The following tunes will be released on a physical CD and as a digital sampler by Motema Records in August.
These tunes, intended for radio play, are taken from the Complete Works of Pepper Adams, Volumes 1-5, also
being released in August.  Leaders of these dates are Jeremy Kahn, Kevin Bales, Frank Basile, and Alexis
Track Listing:

1.   Enchilada Baby      KAHN 4          Excerent Music   4:28
2.   Doctor Deep           KAHN 3          Excerent Music   3:59            
3.   Julian                     KAHN 4          D'Accord Music   4:36
4.   Claudette's Way      BALES           Excerent Music   5:15
5.    Binary                    BASILE          Excerent Music   5:21      
6.    Muezzin’                KAHN 3          Thank Music       4:47
7.    In Love with Night   COLE              Excerent Music   7:49
8     Ephemera              KAHN 3          D'Accord Music   6:30
9.    Bossallegro            BALES           Excerent Music   6:30    
10.  Joy Road                BASILE          Excerent Music    6:31
11.  I Carry Your Heart    COLE            Excerent Music    3:34