Sunday, November 7, 2021

Adams Biography Now Available


Reflectory has been available for a month at this site:

I want to thank those of you who were the first to

purchase my 37-year labor of love. I certainly hope

you’re enjoying it: the text, the photographs, and the

incredible music links. Please let me know what you

think of it. Laurent Briffaux in France did (see below),

and Glenn Wilson emailed me to say that he’s digging

the info about Detroit. There’s a lot of it!

I’m just about done correcting those pesky typos that

surfaced in the First Edition. The Revised Version will

soon replace the First Edition, and I’ll be using it for

future sales and reviews, and for what I’ll be reading on

the audiobook version that I expect to tackle this Spring.

I recently hired a PR firm to promote Reflectory. Word of mouth, and Facebook and Twitter posts only go

so far. As a result, I’m expecting a flurry of reviews in the

next few months, which I’ll share with you as they get


I did an hour-long interview with Andrew Hadro at that should be posted soon. Also, I’ve

organized a panel discussion about Adams with fourteen

musicians from the U.S., Canada, and England that will

take place on Sunday, December 12. You can watch it live

at 2pm Eastern Time and send chat questions, or wait for

it to be posted on YouTube. I’ll post information about it in

early December. 

Here’s Briffaux’s lovely review, one of my first buyers:

Le titre lui-même par sa mise en abime est l'essence du

livre. L'auteur, ami du saxophoniste Pepper Adams à la

fin de sa vie, lui avait promis de compléter et de publier

son histoire. Carner a fait bien mieux: pièce par pièce,

morceaux par morceaux, il lui construit un monument.

Livre-monde, on retrouve au fil des pages les stars et les

passants, les anecdotes et les aventures de toute une

scène. Impossible de ne pas y voir des personnages déjà

rencontrés, et de pas entendre l'écho de mélodies familières.

Chaotique et brillante, c'est la vie de celui qui cherche,

doute et parfois éclaire un instant votre propre vérité

intérieure. Reflectory pose un nouveau standard pour les

livres qui voudront traiter d'un musicien.


The title says it all, and works as an infinite mirroring device.

The author, a friend of saxophonist Pepper Adams in the last

years of his life, had promised to complete his story and publish

it. Carner did much better: piece by piece, track by track, he

built him a monument. In this meta-book, we meet throughout

the pages the stars and the passers-by, the anecdotes and the

adventures of a whole scene. It is impossible not to connect with

characters already seen, and not to hear the echo of familiar

melodies. Chaotic and brilliant, this is the life of one who seeks,

doubts and illuminates for a moment your own inner self.

Reflectory sets a new standard for books on a musician's life.

Moreover, it tells the urgency, the beauty and the luxuriance of life.