Monday, January 2, 2012

Pepper Adams discography update

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After 27 years, I've finally finished my discography of Pepper Adams. The manuscript, Pepper Adams' Joy Road: An Annotated Discography, has been submitted to Scarecrow Press for publication this summer.  Dan Morgenstern is writing the foreword, and I've asked Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Sonny Rollins, Phil Woods, and Quincy Jones to write endorsements.  The work, dedicated to Lewis Porter, is approximately 600 pages, covering the period 1947-1986.  Transcribed interview material is appended to many entries, and a centerfold of various media will be included.

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  1. I say Hallelujah! And congratulations to you Gary! Can wait to see this! Continued success to you!
    ~Dale Fielder