Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pepper's Favorite Honegger Compositions

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In 1984 Pepper loaned me a stack of Arthur Honegger cassettes--his personal favorites--so I could dub them. After a while, he asked for them back because he was about to go on tour and wanted to take them with him. I'm planning to get all of these transferred to CD and I'm excited because I haven't heard them since Pepper's death in 1986.

Reel 1:
Prelude to Aglavaine et Selysette (Louisville Orch, Jorge Mester)
Sonatina for Two Violins (David and Igor Oistraizh)
Symphony #2 (Berlin Phil, von Karajan)
Sept Pieces Breves, #1-7 (Jurge von Vintschger)
Symphony #3 (Berlin Phil, von Karajan)
Movement Symphonique #3 (Phil Sym. Orch. of London, Herman Scherchen)

Reel 2:
Symphony #5 ["Di Tre Re"], (Czech Phil, Serge Baudo)
Violin Sonata #2 (Eric Albert, Olga Galperin)
Sonatine for Violin and Cello (Schoenfeld Duo)
Chant de Joie  (Phil Sym. Orch. of London, Herman Scherchen)
Toccato and Variations (Jurge von Vintschger)
Suite Archaique (Louisville Orch, R. Whitney)
Prelude Arioso et Fugette sur le nom de Bach (Olga Galperin)

Reel 3:
Symphony #1 (Czech Phil, Serge Baudo)
Trois Pieces: Prelude, Hommage a Ravel, Danse  (Jurge von Vintschger)
Pastorale D'Este/Rugby (Phil Sym Orch of London, Herman Scherchen)
Violin Sonata #1 (Eric Albert, Olga Galperin)
Cello Concerto (Milos Sadlo; Czech Phil Orch, von Neumann)
Deux Esquisses/ Sarabande ["Inc"], Jurge von Vintschger)

Reel 4:
Clarinet Sonatina (Richard Stoltzman, Vallecillo)
Symphony #4 ["Deliciae Basilienses"](Czech Phil, Serge Baudo)
Hommage a Roussel/Sarabande/Souvenir de Chopin (Jurge von Vintschger)
Concerto de Camera (D. Shostac; A. Vogel; LA Chamber Orch, Gerard Schwartz)
Le Cahier Romans (Olga Galperin)
String Quartet #2 (Dvorak String Quartet)
excerpt from "Judith" (Utah Sym Orch, Soloists, 9 choruses, Maurine Abravanel)

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