Friday, October 3, 2014

Pepper's Dry Sense of Humor

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This amusing anecdote is from Gunnar Windahl ("Doctor Deep"). He sent it to me in an email on 19 August 2014. The gig he references took place on 26-28 October 1979.

"Dear Gary,

I mentioned Pepper's and my drinking habits way back. I must tell you a story which shows Pepper's kind of humor. In 1979 Pepper played at One Step Down in Washington, DC and I was there with him. Pepper had Eddie Phyfe on drums (had played with Bob Wilber). Before one gig we had dinner at a restaurant and I had to visit the rest room. On my way back to the table I heard at a slight distance the following conversation between Eddie Phyfe and Pepper. Phyfe: "That Swedish friend of yours is a hell of a drinker. He drinks whisky like water." Pepper: "No sane man drinks that amount of water."

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