Saturday, November 1, 2014

Out of This World

Gary Carner. Copyright Protected. All rights reserved.

Thanks to new research, the recording date of Out of This World has been further refined. In Pepper Adams' Joy Road (page 111) I wrote that this date was recorded during the period 1-8 January or after they returned from Chicago on c. 24-31. Newly discovered documents rule out the 1-8 January time frame. See below.

between 25 Jan- 5 Feb 1961, New York: Donald Byrd tp; Pepper Adams bs; Herbie Hancock p; Teddy Charles vib*; Laymon Jackson b; Jimmy Cobb dm.

Sometime between 25 January and 5 February 1961 the Donald Byrd-Pepper Adams Quintet record their date for Warwick. This was Pepper Adams' eighth date as either leader or co-leader. New research reveals that, with the exception of a 13-20 December gig at Curro's in Milwaukee (see 601213), the Quintet worked in Chicago steadily for nearly two months (from 22 November 1960 until 22 January 1961). Assuming a long travel day back to New York on 23 January and the opening of their week run at the Five Spot on the 24th, the band likely recorded no earlier than 25 Jnauary. As yet, no known information exists on band gigs for the period 1-5 February, prior to the group embarking on their two month tour of the Midwest and Eastern Canada.

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